Robin M. Leeson

Instructional Designer
1701 Broadway
Seattle Central College
Seattle Central College, Broadway-Edison Building
Monday - Friday, 8am-4:30pm

Personal Statement

Get to Know Me

Welcome! My name is Robin Leeson, and I'm one of the Instructional Designers at the Seattle Colleges. While I'm physically located on the Seattle Central College campus, I'm happy to assist with design questions from across the District. I have had the privilege of serving students and faculty as an instructional designer since 2010. I have guided instructors through the creation of course content ranging from health care standards and procedures to first-year student success and English composition. My focus areas as a designer are Universal Design for Learning, accessible course design, class discussions, assessment and student engagement. In addition, I periodically teach as an adjunct for college readiness and English composition. I'm looking forward to working with each of you!

What to Expect in Our Workshops

In workshops I facilitate, you can expect a lot of practice and feedback! I want our sessions to be practical and to revolve around what you need. Expect a lot of questions and sharing--I try and incorporate real classroom moments and experiences as much as possible, so that we can all benefit and learn from those experiences. In every workshop I teach, I try to learn just as much as my participants, even if it's just how to help someone who has a similar experience elsewhere.

My Teaching Style

Education and learning should be not only learner-focused, but learner-directed. All the work and preparation that we do as instructors and facilitators should be aimed at supporting students in achieving our stated (and informed) course outcomes. Learning is a process that works best when learners can apply their own individual strengths in order to incorporate the content into their own lives in meaningful, applicable ways. As educators, we must empower learners to explore, to make mistakes, to find and make corrections, and to locate and integrate learning into their own stories.

My Credentials

  • Bachelors in English Language and Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2008).
  • Masters in Adult Education and Training from the University of Phoenix (2013).
  • Masters in Creative Writing and English Literature from Southern New Hampshire University (2015).