Gloria Man

9600 College Way N
North Seattle College

Personal Statement

Deutsch macht SpaƟ!
Our German-language program focuses on practical and conversational German. Our face-to-face time in class is dedicated to partner/group work and communicative, task-based activities.

I am a life-long advocate of multilingual education, fostering cultural heritage and trans-cultural empathy. I started teaching college-level German at the University of Washington in 2008. I have been teaching at the Seattle Colleges since 2011. I run the Adult German Program at SAGA, the Seattle Area German immersion school, since 2017. Come meet me @ Central or North and join a community of language-learners in a fun, dynamic class.

What German classes are offered at the Seattle Colleges?

  • We typically offer German 121 in the Fall, German 121 and/or 122 in the Winter, and German 122 in the Spring.
  • German @ Seattle Central is a hybrid daytime class that meets three times a week at noon.
  • German @ North Seattle is an evening class that meets once a week in the evening.

Thinking about your foreign language requirement?
Our German classes align with the UW Germanics program and allow for a seamless transition into the UW Germanics Program.

Looking for professional or personal enrichment?
Our German classes prepare you for professional language certification and will pave your way for successful lifelong learning.

For German classes beyond college (levels 102/122 and above), please see: 


Textbook Info (please read carefully and email me with questions):

  • E-Book with Connect Access: Kontakte, 8th edition, by Tschirner, Nikolai, Terrell
  • This textbook remains the same for German 121, 122, and 123.
  • Cheapest option: buy the e-book directly from the publisher, 2 year access is recommended (
  • ATTENTION: If you buy the 180-day access to the e-book, it may not be enough to see you through two courses, especially if you have a gap-quarter of taking German.
  • E-book is required; hard-copy or printed book is NOT required; if you prefer having a printed version of the book, in addition to the e-book, I recommend getting a used copy.