Kalyn Owens

Math & Science
FTF - Chemistry
North Seattle College

Personal Statement

Kalyn Shea Owens is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at North Seattle College. She obtained her PhD from UC Davis and then conducted her postdoctoral research at the University of Washington, College of Education. Dr. Owens is passionate about designing innovative curriculum for early post-secondary STEM courses with emphasis on embedding interdisciplinary research and engaging students in social construction of new knowledge. Her research is centered on documenting the impact these methods have on student learning and faculty teaching practices. In addition, Kalyn has directed several NSF-funded research projects that serve to foster a sense of community as a means to increase persistence and participation in STEM. She is also the co-director of the undergraduate research program at North which has served as a national model for how to engage students in research early in the college experience and at a small college. When not in the classroom or conducting educational research, Kalyn loves to spend time with her family and friends in the outdoors--hiking, camping, skiing and of course playing a little soccer.